Making the Road

Menahan Street Band- Make the Road by Walking

from 7″ (Dunham, 2007)

This is the story of this record. Exactly how it happened. . .more or less.

A few years ago, a good friend of mine moved out to Bushwick, Brooklyn. The place wasn’t huge, but it was big enough for him to build a small recording set up in his bedroom. My friend was (and still is) really into recording his own music and loves to record it in his bedroom, mostly because that’s where all his recording equipment is at. The spot he moved into was above this little community organization called Se Hace el Camino al Andar or Make the Road by Walking. My friend doesn’t know them. He only knows that he lives above them and that he likes the name. So much so that he named this track “Make the Road by Walking.”

One day a producer who worked for P.Diddy’s “Hitmen” production team picked up this 45 at a local record shop. They made a beat out of the horn riff and Jay Z ended up hearing that beat. He liked it and used it for his single “Roc Boys.” The horn line became the summer hood anthem. My friend was hood famous, which these days is the best kind of famous.

The Jay Z track was no doubt played countless times at the parties held at Se Hace el Camino al Andar, but they didn’t know that the weird white boys who played the noisy music on the second floor were responsible for the original track. They also didn’t know that the original track was named after their organization. They did think Jay Z’s flow over those fresh horns was tight.

And that’s the story of this record. It’s made by my friend who’s a good guy, has a great ear, and can put fresh horns on anything. Even Jay Z lyrics. And if you think this is good then you should get a hold of their album right now.

*Check out the Menahann Street Band’s debut album here. And support live music by going to their show this Friday here.

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  1. ed Says:

    “…..first of all i’d like to thank my connect….the most important person with all due respect…”

    educational….this post gives that line new meaning to me. They need to be thanking Menahan Street Band for giving that RocBoys track its deep soul feel

  2. ananas Says:

    thanks for the info! one of the best tracks. great blog btw.

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