I’m Sorry. . .

The Manhattans- “Baby I’m Sorry”

from 7″, (Carnival, 1967)

Ironically, the Manhattans weren’t from Manhattan at all. They were from across the Hudson in Jersey City. The quintet-George Smith, Edward Bivins, Winfred Lovett, Kenny Kelley, and Richard Taylor-met after serving in the military and would form their group in 1964, after being discharged from service.

Despite not being from Manhattan, the five would earn their break by proving themselves in front of the island’s toughest crowd. Winning third place at the Apollo’s Armature Night also won them a sit down with former Motwon alto-sax player, Joe Evans, who would eventually sign them to his newly formed label Carnival Records. The five would launch a successful career that lasted well into the 1980′s, with their better known hit “Shinning Star.”

This track was recorded during their early career at Carnival and is a shinning example of the groups writing genius (most of their songs were written by various members of the group). Not to mention the lovely tension between soulful vocals and the a funky footed rhythm section that drives this track hard. One of my favorites. Enjoy.

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