So Glad

Frankie Karl Side_A

Franike Karl & The Dreams- “Don’t Be Afraid (Do As I Say)

from 7″, (D.C. 1968)

I was having a hard time deciding which side of this forty-five to post. It’s one of those special records that has two A-sides; or two good tracks. I decided to share both, because they’re damn near perfect poetry.

Frankie Karl Side_b copy

Franike Karl & The Dreams- “I’m So Glad

from 7″, (D.C. 1968)

It’s no surprise that Frankie Karl’s roots were in gospel because some of the best soul singers had their start in church. And because there is only a small difference between professing your love to the lord and to your sweet heart, Karl was a natural at crafting perfect melodies to croon to the ladies. These two gems are swinging lullabies that Karl easily dances across; beautiful cause they’re simple and speak true.
This is one of my favorite records. I hope it becomes your favorite too. Enjoy.

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