Can’t Stay Away. . .

The Fascinations- I Can’t Stay Away From You

from 7″, (Mayfield, 1967)

It is a fact that Curtist Mayfield was a monstrous force in the black music scene, shaping the inner city sound of black America in the 60′s and 70′s (and in many ways the sounds that would later come out of those neighborhoods). Very few musicians of the time were as prolific, with Mayfield owning not one, but two independent labels. His better known Curtom Records was the label which he would produce his own records under, including his work with the Impressions, The Staple Singers, and his blaxploitation classic Superfly. But few either remember or know about his works on Mayfield Records.

The Fascinations were one of the groups on Mayfield Records. Although they never rose to nation-wide fame, the Fascinations were a local favorite of the windy city. Their 1967 single “Say it Ain’t So,” brought them some regional love, but unfortunately they never translated that success to the larger market. Still, their short recording career with Curtis produced some sweet soulful gems, “I Can’t Stay Away from You,” being one of them. While they would ultimately become a footnote in the larger story of Curtis Mayfield’s career, the is no denying that these sisters had soul.

Pardon the scratchiness as we truly had to dig deep for this one. Special thank you to TNT for hipping me to this beautiful track. Here’s to unearthed gems.

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