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Dibble Dabbling Presents- Todo los Momentos Hasta Otoño

I’ve been on a short hiatus from posting to the blog. The regular hustle and flow of life kept me busy and away from posting the monthly forty-five. Though, I did have a chance to put together a seasonal mix. And while this was meant for the last few steamy dog-days at the end of Summer, those never days found their way to New York City.

“Todos los Momentos Hasta Otoño” still has it’s place at the end of the season, despite the odd Summer weather. It’s a tribute to my family, recognition of my musical heritage, and a nod to those who still keep this good music alive. A small sampling of Cha-Cha and Salsa from the island of Puerto Rico, from the inner-city Puerto Rican Barrio that I call home, and from Salsa’s new home in Colombia.

Making up for those moments I missed during the summer; and for all the moments now until fall. . .


track listing

01 que linda te ves

02 total para nada

03 falta

04 cocinando

05 ay que frio

06 no es de pena

07 prucutu cumbamba

08 bailame como quieras

09 gulliver

10 el  manicero

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