Lost Soul Sister

you boy

Carol Anderson-“You Boy”

from 7″ (Mid-Town, 19??)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jacqueline Kook, a connoisseur and DJ of forty-fives by soulful lady vocalists.

When I first played “You Boy,” the opening snare gently jump-started my heart; I guess a lot like how a boy can make a girl feel when he walks into the room.  I don’t know what made me happier about the first 16 seconds: the sweet “oohing” back up vocals that float just underneath the sighing  trumpet or that my heart pulsed along with the soft quick-tapping high hats.

As I listen over and over again, I wish I knew where in Carol’s career this 45 was cut.  Her short list of releases spanned many decades and though her music was loved, she was an under-appreciated “lost soul sister”.   There is even less to find about Midtown Records, but producer George Anderson can be found on other Detroit labels with Carol including Fee and Whip, always by Carol’s side.

If you see any of her 45s you’re definitely sure to have something rare and most likely to have something good, but the best one to hope to stumble across is “You Boy”.  It’s a sultry dedication that rocks and reminds you of that person that makes you feel so thankful, and like you are floating inside those dancing trumpet notes.

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